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By | January 11, 2020

Dear Reader — Thank you for visiting GolfTipReviews.com.

Playing better golf is good for your career.  It is good for your state of mind.  It is good for your playing partners.  It’s just good.  I can help you get there.  Especially if you don’t play very often due to the other pressing demands of your life.

Everything on GolfTipReviews.com is simple, easy, effective, memorable, and useful on the golf course.   This is especially important for the occasional player, like you.  And me.

And what about me?  I am not a PGA member, a Tour Pro, a Top 100 Teacher, or a scratch golfer.  I have nothing to sell you, no training aid with which to tempt you.  I don’t make my living from golf.  I don’t promise that I can cure your slice for a fee.

I only play golf when I travel to see my family, play with my boss, or when there is a scramble fundraiser through work.  I play ten times per year, in a good year.  I get to the driving range maybe ten times per year, often with my children. Does this sound familiar to you?

Some additional facts about me:

  • My USGA handicap is 8. My low lifetime round is 73.
  • I live in the USA, in the Upper Midwest, so golf season is May – October.
  • I didn’t play golf in high school or college.  I have picked up the game mostly on my own, since then.
  • My clubs are not new or high-tech or trendy in any way.

In short, I am a very good golfer for not playing much. I know what works and what doesn’t.  I am deeply suspicious of golf tips and gimmicks, and free (or not so free!) advice on the golf game.

For most people who like the game, it is usually the fundamentals that are lacking.  Much of what can be found on the web is designed to make money for the people peddling “the cure”, not to help you play better golf.  On GolfTipReviews.com you will only find things that are fundamental and simple.  But not simplistic.

One of the great ironies of golf is that the time when people need help the most (on the course) is the worst time to provide tips.  On the golf course you need to worry about scoring and enjoying your round, not ball position, grip pressure, proper stance, and so on.

It is my hope that by studying the content of this site, the “good stuff” will stick with you.  You will take this “good stuff” to the course the next time you play.  Do this, and you will play better golf and enjoy your round more.


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