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Golf Putting Drill: Unlimited Putting Confidence With the Balls in a Line Putting Drill

Symptom: Sadly, you lack putting confidence.   There’s almost no distance of putt where you can confidently say, “I can easily make this one”. For you, every putt, no matter how short, is another knee-knocking adventure.  So you push some, pull some, leave some short, and so on. Maybe you compulsively purchase putter after putter, thinking that the problem… Read More »

Golf Putting Drill: Master Treacherous Breaking Putts with the Surround the Cup Putting Drill

Symptom: Breaking putts give you fits, because playing the right amount of break and pace is elusive for you. You know that improving your short game is the quickest way to lower your handicap, but are just not sure which putting drills will have the biggest impact for you. You often mutter things like, “I thought it would… Read More »

Golf Putting Tip: Downhill Putts Undeniably Have More Break Than Uphill Putts

Symptom:  Poor putting on downhill putts, especially missing downhill putts on the low side of the hole because, yet again, you have underestimated the break.  Or you over-read uphill putts, playing too much break. “Wow, I didn’t see that break!” you say to your playing partners, while shaking your head and walking over to mark your ball yet… Read More »

Golf Putting Tip: 1 Simple Way to Control Your Putting Aim -Align Your Ball’s Line

Symptom:  Your putting aim is not very good.  You think you know where you are aiming, but sadly the ball doesn’t go where you want it to.  Sound familiar? “It’s straight in,” you think.  “Can’t possibly miss this one.”  But how wrong you are.  In fact you can miss it. Description.  Draw a straight line around the equator… Read More »