Golf Putting Tip: 1 Simple Way to Control Your Putting Aim -Align Your Ball’s Line

By | April 10, 2020

Symptom:  Your putting aim is not very good.  You think you know where you are aiming, but sadly the ball doesn’t go where you want it to.  Sound familiar?

“It’s straight in,” you think.  “Can’t possibly miss this one.”  But how wrong you are.  In fact you can miss it.

Description.  Draw a straight line around the equator of your golf ball with a permanent marker.  After you mark your golf ball on the green, replace it on the green by aligning the golf ball line to your intended putting line.

If you don’t want to draw on your ball, use the little printed text that all golf balls have on them as your line.

Why it works:  Since the rules of golf allow you to mark and clean the golf ball on the putting green, take advantage of the opportunity to aim the golf ball on your line.

This act takes you mentally from thinking about rolling a round ball towards the hole, to thinking about sending the ball toward the hole along your intended line.

Exploit the Rules of Golf – Align Your Line to Improve Your Putting Aim

Brad Faxon aligns his line on the intended line of the putt Improve Your Putting Aim by Aligning Your Ball's Line

Brad Faxon aligns the line on his ball to the target line before addressing the ball.

The visual aid of the golf ball line makes it easier to hit your putts on your intended line, and avoid a swiping or hooking motion that puts sidespin on your ball.

Your putter surely has some sort of alignment aid on it, like a line, or some white circles that represent balls, or something similar, right?  Why not extend this concept to the golf ball?

When you do this you are teaching yourself to swing your putter back and through the ball along the line on your ball.  This automatically gives you a truer roll without sidespin.

Many Occasional golfers sideswipe the ball and don’t realize they are doing it.  Maybe you are doing it too.  How would you know?

Well, the ball sort of starts out well, but at the end it leaks to the right, missing by a few inches, yet again.  Align your line and roll your ball along the line, and I guarantee you will make more putts.

Three Step Approach to Putting Aim

Aligning your line is the “align” in the three step Aim -> Align -> Execute method.  Once you are well aligned you can move on to executing your putt with confidence.

Let’s have Brad Faxon demonstrate this for us.  Faxon was one of the best putters on the PGA Tour during his career.

See how Brad meticulously lines up the line on his ball with the target line of this straight putt, looking back and forth between the ball and the cup multiple times  (0:00 to 0:07)  to make sure it’s just right?

As you watch the pros on TV, you will see that almost all pros align their line, each and every time.  Some of them are quite obsessive about it, in fact.  I guess if I were playing golf for a living I might be too.

Anyway, the whole idea of drawing a line on the ball is to aid in your aiming and setup, and to give you confidence as you execute your stroke.

When you hit the putt, be sure you don’t let the line wobble, and please make sure your ball finishes past the hole (or in the hole of course, like Faxon’s).

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