Golf Putting Tip: 1 Way to Avoid Low-Side Embarrassment is with A High Side Miss, Past the Hole

By | March 9, 2020

Symptom:  You don’t miss your putts on the high side of the hole.  Instead you miss on the low side.

Seldom is there a need to watch your ball all the way to the hole because, well, it falls below the hole halfway to the cup and so cannot possibly go in.  So you look away in disgust, and start walking towards the hole while your ball is still rolling…

Description:  Play a bit more break on your putts, so that if you miss, your golf ball misses on the high side of the hole, not the low side.  If you were going to play inside left, play left edge.  If you were going to be one ball outside right, aim two balls outside right.  And so on.

Why it works:  Putts that miss on the low side cannot go in the hole.  Obviously.  Putts that are tracking to the hole on the high side might go in the hole, depending on how well you judged the speed.

Simple statistics say you will make more putts if your misses are mostly on the high side.

Jim Furyk sets the all time PGA Tour scoring record of 58 miss putts on the high side past the hole

Jim Furyk sets the all time PGA Tour scoring record of 58.

Know that the High Side is the Pro Side

You will seldom see a pro miss a putt on the low side.  If they do, it is usually because they did not have enough pace on the putt for the ball to end up past the hole.

This is why the “high side” is often called the “pro side”.  If you are going to miss, your miss needs to be on the high side.

Simple 4 Step Missed Putt Ranking System

Number 4.  The worst putt is the one that misses low and doesn’t make it to the hole.  This putt had no chance.  It was low and short.  Very disappointing because you didn’t get to see the roll on the other side of the hole.

Number 3.  The next best is the putt that misses on the high side, but doesn’t make it all the way to the hole.   It was high, but short.  At least it had a chance on your chosen line had you played a bit more pace.

Number 2.  Better still is the putt that makes it past the hole, but misses low.   You had the necessary pace but just didn’t pick out your line correctly.  The good news is that you saw the ball roll past the hole and so now you know exactly what the comeback putt will do.

Number 1.  The miss that you want is the miss that ends up past the hole, on the high side.  The ball had a chance to go in, all the way to the hole.  There was no reason for you to look away in disgust.

Of course, the putt that goes in the hole is the best of all!

Jim Furyk’s amazing round of 58 is worth a look.  He makes seven straight birdies but fails to hole the putt for his eighth straight birdie.  Where does he miss?   You guessed it — on the high side (1:59).

Check it out:

Solid Reasons to Miss Past the Hole

If you should miss your putt past the hole, you have a lot of advantages over your buddies who leave it short.  For one, you know what the comeback putt is going to do, which gives you more confidence for your next putt.

And you know that downhill putts have more break, so you can hit your next putt at the right pace. If you rolled past the hole downhill, play less break coming back up the hill.

All-in-all, you are much better off with your misses on the high side, past the hole.

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