Symptom: You having trouble with the s-word, the golf shank.  You need to fix your golf shank and fast, but you are not sure why you shank the golf ball in the first place.

And you don’t like it very much and wish it would just stop or else you are going to quit this stupid game forever…

Overview: On the range, put down two balls — the one you want to hit, and another one about three inches further away from you. Line up and hit the closest ball with solid technique.  (Obviously you should miss the other ball).

Why it works: The two-ball drill helps your swing in a simple, non-technical way.  To avoid hitting the outermost ball, you will instinctively come at the (innermost) ball on a more inside path, with more lag, and hence will not come over the top.  This will fix your golf shank.

Fix Your Golf Shank with the Two-Ball Drill

Jon Rahm shank off the tee fix golf shank golf shank cure cause of golf shank

John Rahm hits an unfortunate s**** off the tee.

The cause of a golf shank is striking the ball on the hosel, where the clubhead meets the shaft.  If this is a chronic problem for you, then you likely have a severe over-the-top, casting move on your downswing.  To compound matters, it’s very hard to keep your balance with such an ugly swing, which only adds to the inconsistency and frustration.  It’s bad news all around.

With this inside swing path, you will be more likely to hit the ball at the four o’clock position, which is what you need to straighten out a slice or hit a draw or, yes, avoid the golf shank.  Understanding the cause of the golf shank helps you understand why the two-ball drill is such a powerful fix.

No matter how low your handicap, you can still shank from time to time.  Just ask these pro golfers:

Use the Golf Shank Cure on the Course

Sometimes, you can start to feel “the shanks” coming on as you work on your swing or play your round.  Shanks are always caused by hitting the ball off the hosel instead of the clubface, no matter who or where you are.   No need to wait until you spot the dreaded sh*** to deploy the trusty two-ball drill!  Even on the golf course, you can use a dandelion, or a stick, or a mark on the ground as your outer ball for a couple of practice swings.  Maybe, just maybe, this drill could help you save your round and keep those high numbers off your scorecard!

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