Golf Swing Drill: Quickly Conquer the Golf Swing Release by Throwing a Stick Underhand

By | February 16, 2020

Symptom:  Poor golf swing release on full shots, leading to weak shots that slice or tail off.

You know you ought to “get through the ball” and release the golf club better but just can’t figure out what golf release really means or how to actually do it…

Overview:  Learn the proper golf swing release by throwing a stick.  How can this work, you ask?  Here’s how:

  • Find a stick about a yard long.
  • Pick a target about 30 yards away.
  • Set up as if you hitting a golf shot at your target.
  • Hold the stick in your right hand, as if it were a golf club.
  • Make a turn and throw the stick underhand to your target.
  • Find another stick and repeat until you get good at it.

Why it works:  It is remarkably simple to get the feel of a proper golf swing release using this drill.  But the particulars of the drill are quite important:

  • The stick needs to be about a yard long, because that is about the length of a golf club.  Any longer, and you won’t be able to throw it underhand without scraping the ground.
  • You must throw it underhand (with your right hand) because the golf swing is basically an underhand motion with your right arm (for a right-handed player).
  • Throw it at specific target because this makes you focus on your aim, and will cause you to step and release towards your target, not just on throwing a stick a certain distance.
  • Aim it at a target about 30 yards away, because you need to throw the stick hard to get the feel of a proper golf release.  Any closer, and you won’t develop the necessary lag to fling the stick to the target.  Without the lag, you won’t execute the release and follow through properly.
Freddie Couples golf swing release golf release release golf club

Fred Couples beautifully releases his driver down the target line.

The Feel of the Golf Swing Release Made Absurdly Easy

All it takes is a few throws of your stick to get the idea.  You will naturally stay down and centered over the (pretend) ball, and you will naturally generate a lot of lag.  Without having to worry about hitting a ball, your body will naturally do what is necessary to get your stick to your target. After throwing a few sticks, take some practice swings.  You will be amazed at how much more powerful and smooth your swing has become.  This is how it feels to release the golf club properly!

A Silky Smooth Golf Swing Release in Action

To see what a world-class release looks like, let’s call on Fred Couples.  Freddie’s release has been one of the best in the game for decades.  Even today he is dominating the Senior PGA Tour week in and week out.  Have a look at the way he fires down the target line:

Run the video to 0:30, so it looks like the picture at the right.  Can you imagine if Freddie let go of the club at this point?  It would fly straight down the target line!  That’s the feel of the golf release you are looking for with this drill.  Take that feeling with you to the range, and do this drill as part of your warmup routine (omit the part about throwing the club, of course).

What other golf drill have you read that can improve your game, clean up your yard, or entertain your dog all at the same time?

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