Golf Swing Tip: Snag an Easy Golf Consistency Kickstart with “Aim-Align-Execute”

By | August 9, 2020

Symptom: Try as you might, golf consistency on the golf course is elusive.

You hit great shots from time to time, but you also hit terrible shots, making you wonder if you have an evil twin that takes over your body and swings your golf club like a caveman attacking a bear…

Overview:  For every golf shot, follow the three-phase “Aim-Align-Execute” method to improve your golf consistency.  Do it every time, no exceptions.  Even, and especially, at the driving range.

Why it works:  All golf shots have (at least) three phases once you have chosen your club:  The Aiming, the Alignment, and the Execution, in that order.

Most Occasional Golfers inter-mix, or ignore, or sometimes forget to do all three of the phases.  This leads to inconsistency, which of course leads to high numbers on your scorecard.

Deploy the Tried and True Aim -> Align -> Execute Method for Golf Consistency

For example, on a full shot, “Aim-Align-Execute” goes something like this:

  1. Pick a distant target, like a tree, or the middle of the green, or whatever makes sense for your particular shot and circumstances (the Aiming).  Note — usually your target is NOT the flagstick!
  2. Pick a spot on your target line a few feet in front of your ball to align your club, and to build your stance around (the Alignment).
  3. Execute the shot, with a starter move and a full release to a balanced finish (the Execution).
Dustin Johnson Aim Align Execute tee shot golf consistency

Dustin Johnson picking an aiming point before he addresses the ball.

A key element of the “Aim – Align – Execute” approach is that the steps are done sequentially.

That is, you do not think about Aiming as you Align your clubface, and you do not think about Aiming or Alignment as you Execute your swing.  You think only about what you are trying to accomplish in each phase.

This focus is very powerful, because it allows you to do one thing at a time, and do it very well.  This gives you confidence on the course.

With confidence, you can block out the distractions (sand trap, carry over water, strong crosswind, playing partners who are harassing you, the slow group in front of you, the list of things you need to get done at work, etc.) that you encounter.

A Masterclass Demo by Dustin

Let’s have Dustin Johnson demonstrate this for us.  Note how Dustin picks his distant target (the Aiming, 0:05), then he Aligns the clubface to a point on his target line (the Alignment, 0:10), and then finally Executes his swing (the Execution, 0:14).  Have a look:

Indeed, every pro or low handicapper will go through some form of Aim-Align-Execute every time, for every shot.  You should too, if you want to improve your golf consistency.

“Aim-Align-Execute” Seems Like a Secret Because it is Seldom Shown on TV

Finally, a word of caution:  When you watch golf on TV, often the only thing that (understandably) makes it on air is the swing itself.

But every pro, I guarantee you, went through an Aim-Align-Execute routine before you saw them swing on your TV set.  The networks just spare us the tedium of watching their Aim-Align-Execute routines.

And when Aim-Align-Execute is shown, such as when the tournament leader is being followed, or Tiger Woods is playing, the routine seldom gets much attention from the commentators.

That’s a shame because it is misleading to the viewer.  But I am not the network executing in charge of ratings, and maybe I’d make the same choices in their position.

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