Golf Swing Tip: Give Yourself a Good Lie at the Driving Range Like Justin Thomas

Justin Thomas moving golf ball to get a good lie at the driving range

Symptom:  At the driving range, you tip over your bucket of balls and hit them where they wind up.  The golf lie you practice from is a very tight lie.  Then, despite sweat and diligence, you are not able to make much progress towards a better swing.

You find that your range sessions leave your clubs dirtier, the turf a bit more chewed up, your pocketbook a bit lighter, but your game is still about where it was when those striped range balls came crashing down into your range bucket…

Description:  Make sure you give yourself a good golf lie for every shot you hit at the driving range.  If you don’t, you are most likely hitting off of a tight lie, which is very much more difficult.  If there is no decent grass anywhere in sight, tee the ball to an appropriate height for each club.

Why it works:  Small variations in the golf lie make a big difference in the sort of shot you can hit.  Most golf courses have excellent grass in comparison to most driving ranges, so your driving range practice should account for this.  Even the pros can’t hit good shots out of divots in the fairway, so why would you expect to?

Justin Thomas moving golf ball to get a good lie at the driving range golf lie tight lie golf good lie bad lie
Justin Thomas moves his ball to get a good lie at the driving range.

A Good Golf Lie

Productive golf practice is all about consistency.  You give yourself a big boost in consistency by taking the condition of the turf out of play.  You can easily do this by giving yourself a perfect lie for each and every shot.  With a good pre-shot routine and a perfect lie you can work on your swing with much more confidence.

Here is some footage of Justin Thomas giving a clinic at golf course that’s more like what you and I play.  This is not a stop on the PGA Tour.  Watch the video as Justin warms up.  He places each golf ball quite deliberately, to give himself a good golf lie.  The ball is always placed behind the divot he just made, to keep the turf damage localized.  Of course he hits the ball, then the ground, on all his shots, to create the divots.  He also does a couple of no-backswing golf swings as part of his warmup routine – very effective.

Have a look:

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