Golf Swing Video: Easy Lessons from Martin Kaymer’s Simple Golf Swing

By | February 16, 2020

Today we take a look at the wonderfully simple, effective, and elegant swing of German golfer Martin Kaymer.  A simple golf swing is a consistent golf swing.  Occasional Golfers like us can learn much from his example.

Kaymer’s Simple Golf Swing is Smooth from the Side

Have a look at Kaymer from the side, with a mid-iron from the fairway.  Pay close attention to his head position from address through impact (0:11) — it remains almost perfectly still, right over the ball.  This leads to wonderful consistency in the golf swing.

His spine appears somewhat inclined toward the target on the backswing (0:08), which greatly helps to keep his head still, avoid swaying off the ball on the backswing, and deliver a descending blow to the ball.  (And he has a lot of talent and surely works very hard on his game!)  Of course, he ends up with his belt buckle facing the target with a nice relaxed pose.  It all looks so simple!  Have a look:

Kaymer’s Simple Golf Swing is Solid Down the Line

Martin Kaymer Simple Golf Swing down the line

Martin Kaymer down the line at the top of his backswing.

Here is Kaymer from behind, on the range, with a wedge.  Note his excellent setup position and short backswing.  He gets the club to a good, comfortable position at the top without trying to keep his left elbow super-straight or rigid (0:09), keeps his lag on the downswing and then fires down and through the ball with his right side, all with great balance and control.  Also notice his feet throughout this swing — they stay on the ground, giving him a solid, consistent base from which to hit controlled shots.  Again, looks simple and fluid.  Have a look:

Martin Kaymer has a simple, powerful, and controlled swing that we can all learn from.  Simple does not mean easy, of course.  It takes a lot of hard work on the range.  Maybe the next time you are out on the course or the range, remember his example and see if you can hit a few Wunderbar shots yourself!

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