Golf Swing Video: Learn From the Charles Barkley Golf Swing?

By | February 9, 2019

Today we take a look at one of the oddest swings you will ever see, the Charles Barkley Golf Swing.

If you follow golf, you have surely seen the Charles Barkley Swing in action.  His swing is usually the object of ridicule, and amazement, and head-shaking.

He stops his downswing halfway, lurches at the ball, then finally slaps and lunges at the ball.  This motion is really hard to do – try it sometime.  It’s actually quite amazing that he hits the ball at all.  Have a look:

What can you possibly learn from such a swing?  That you can hit a decent golf shot without a backswing!

The Charles Barkley Golf Swing is a No Backswing Golf Swing

There is a drill called the No Backswing Golf Swing that is worth looking at.  You take a stance much like a baseball player, with your wrist cocked 90 degrees.  Your left arm is parallel to the ground.  You then make a very small shoulder turn to mimic the full backswing and hit the ball as normal.

No Backswing Golf Swing Drill

The starting position for the “No Backswing Golf Swing” approximates a perfect downswing position.

The advantage of this drill is that you eliminate all sorts of backswing and takeaway faults, and put the club in the right position for the downswing.  Many golfers of all skill levels can benefit from this drill.  I find it to be a useful warm-up drill, as it allows the left shoulder to stretch, while letting you focus on a good release through the ball.

Indeed, Charles himself would benefit.  If he would just regroup and do the “small backswing” before his downswing instead of his off-balance slap, he would be the Official Spokesman for the Charles Barkley Golf Swing, rebranding it as the Charles Barkley No Backswing Golf Swing.  Perhaps, he could add this to his long list of endorsements.

Still, you really have to hand it to Charles.  How many of us would go out and play golf in front of fans with cameras rolling if we had a swing like this?  Not many.  You have to respect that.

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