Golf Swing Video: Painless Golf Aim for Deadly Golf Alignment

By | June 26, 2021

In this video post, we take a look at Justin Thomas and how his golf aim arises from his alignment method before he addresses the golf ball.

Mundane, you say?  Hardly.  Very few things can help you improve faster than getting into the proper golf address position with proper golf alignment on each and every shot.  Believe it.

Justin Thomas lines up his tee shot golf setup position alignment golf align golf aim golf golf alignment golf address position

Justin Thomas aligning himself to his distant target before he addresses the ball.

I often see my playing partners neglect this part of the game.  It is a shame.

If you don’t get your golf setup, golf alignment, and golf aim right, you cannot possibly execute your best swing at your intended target.  It is the tried and true Aim->Align->Execute method.

You will hardly ever see a pro skip this step.  But, you also seldom see this shown on TV.  The cutaway shots only show the swing and the result, not the preparation that led up to the swing.

Maybe this is a good call for the television audience.  But it tends to give us a distorted view of reality.  Don’t be fooled by the TV producers!  Know that every pro, and every player of any ability, focuses hard on their golf aim.

The Crucial Key:  Golf Aim Precedes Golf Alignment!

Watch Justin’s setup and preparation to hit this golf shot.  It is a practice round, or a pro-am, or something (see the golf cart?  Note that there are no spectators).

Seems like a chance to have a few frosty beverages, horse around, hit the ball, find it, hit it again, maybe make a few bucks in the process.  Certainly all true.

But this does not deter Justin from going through his routine, because you do it every time. Even at a pro-am.  Even at the driving range.  Yes, even at the driving range.  How else will you improve?

Have a look:

The #1 Key:  Golf Aim Before Golf Address Equals Golf Alignment

Notice how Justin picks a definite, distant target to aim at.  Once he finds his close-in spot he aligns his clubface and builds his stance around this spot.

To repeat:  The clubface is aimed at the close-in spot first.  Then the stance is built.  This gives proper alignment.  Not vice-versa!

He checks his distant target a couple of times after building his stance on his intended line.  His stance is athletic as if he about to sit on a bar stool.

Then he finally pulls the trigger (0:25) and executes his shot.

His alignment and setup routine is methodical, repeatable, and meticulous.  This, plus a whole lot of talent and hard work, surely contributes to Justin’s success.

But the clubface is aimed first, then the body is aligned to the target.  Don’t confuse these two things!

You probably can’t generate the clubhead speed that Justin does.  But you can surely copy his setup, aiming, and alignment routine before addressing the ball the next time you play at your home course, or at the local driving range.

Give it a try, I guarantee you will bring more consistency to your game!

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