Golf Swing Tip: Vanquish Your Over the Top Swing by Copying Bubba Watson’s Elastic Left (Right) Shoulder

Symptom:  Over the top downswings that results in slices, shanks, and other erratic shots, especially with longer irons and woods.  Your over the top swing looks ugly and produces ugly slices. For sure, nobody ever says, “Wow, how did you hit it so far with such a slow, easy swing?”  You wonder how anybody does… Overview:  Think of… Read More »

Golf Putting Tip: Downhill Putts Undeniably Have More Break Than Uphill Putts

Symptom:  Poor putting on downhill putts, especially missing downhill putts on the low side of the hole because, yet again, you have underestimated the break.  Or you over-read uphill putts, playing too much break. “Wow, I didn’t see that break!” you say to your playing partners, while shaking your head and walking over to mark your ball yet… Read More »