Golf Chipping Tip: 2 Key Ingredients for Getting Up and Down Like the Pros

Symptom:  You aren’t getting up and down enough when chipping. Your erratic chipping leaves the ball too far from the hole too often, putting too much pressure on your short game.  The frequently shouted “get going” or “hit something”, or “&$^#@”. Description:  Getting up and down more often requires that you pick a specific specific spot where you… Read More »

Golf Swing Tip: The 1 Key to “Head Down” vs. “Head Still” Demystified

Symptom:  You frequently are told to “keep your head down” and “keep your head still” in order to improve your swing, and sometimes even say this to yourself after hitting another poor shot.  But what does that really mean, you wonder… Overview:  “Keep your head down” works only for chipping and putting, and is good advice for these… Read More »

Golf Chipping Tip: Your Putter is Often Your Fail-Proof Best Chipping Club

Symptom:  You pull out your sand wedge from the fringe, thinking its your best chipping club, but the results are no good.  You seldom converting up-and-downs from just off the green.  The best golf chipping tip you’ve heard so far doesn’t seem to help.  Expletives are uttered… Description:  If you can putt the ball, you should putt the ball. … Read More »