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Golf Strategy: Choose the Correct Golf Club for Approach Shots

Symptom: You are not sure which golf club to use on approach shots.  You usually don't choose enough golf club, and so are more often short than long. You often say, "must be more uphill than I thought" or "I guess there's some wind up there" or similar lame...

Golf Swing Tip: Improve Your Golf Aim With a Close-in Aim Point

Symptom: Your golf aiming is poor, because you have well struck shots that are straight but off target.  Your misses are very repeatable, indicating a consistent aim point.  Its just not the aim point you thought you were targeting. Overview: Before you address the...

Golf Strategy: Tee Off With a Fairway Wood Instead of a Driver

Symptom: Your fairway wood distance is almost as good as your driver distance.  Plus your fairway wood goes a whole lot straighter. Erratic drives are costing you strokes and causing you to venture far from the short grass.  What's worse, in order to "keep it in...

Golf Putting Drill: Gain Confidence With the Balls in a Line Putting Drill

Symptom: You lack confidence in your putting stroke. There's almost no distance of putt where you can confidently say, "I can easily make this one". For you, every putt, no matter how short, is another knee-knocking adventure.  So you push some, pull some, leave some...

Golf Swing Tip: Gain Consistency With “Aim-Align-Execute”

Symptom: Try as you might, consistency on the golf course is elusive. You hit great shots from time to time, but you also hit terrible shots, making you wonder if you have an evil twin that takes over your body and swings your golf club like a caveman attacking a...

Golf Chipping Drill: Chip to a Spot for Golf Chipping Success

Symptom:  Inability to hit your chosen landing spot when chipping.  So you have too few up-and-downs, too many big numbers, and lose too much money on the golf course. Description:  Use about five balls for the Backyard Chipping Drill, and find a grassy, open area for...

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