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Golf Swing Video: Ultimate Starter Move Gallery – Stenson, Stricker, Cabrera, Snead

The starter move in the golf swing is very simple — to initiate your backswing, from a powerful setup position, you point your inside right knee at your inside left knee, ever so slightly and rather quickly. Why Use a Starter Move? This rocking motion puts weight on your left foot, which you can then use to initiate… Read More »

Golf Swing Video: Adopt A Shorter Backswing to Deliver More Consistency and Power

Symptom: Erratic shots, losing your balance as you swing, a golf backswing that is too long, not reliable or powerful, and doesn’t hold up under pressure or from round to round. People seldom tell you that you need a shorter backswing, but that is exactly what you need. Description: Slow down and use a shorter backswing for more… Read More »

Golf Swing Tip: Vanquish Your Over the Top Swing by Copying Bubba Watson’s Elastic Left (Right) Shoulder

Symptom:  Over the top downswings that results in slices, shanks, and other erratic shots, especially with longer irons and woods.  Your over the top swing looks ugly and produces ugly slices. For sure, nobody ever says, “Wow, how did you hit it so far with such a slow, easy swing?”  You wonder how anybody does… Overview:  Think of… Read More »