Golf Swing Drill: The Five-Iron Backoff Drill

By | March 22, 2018

Symptom: Erratic full shots — some are good, but some are very bad.  You are left wondering if you’ll ever develop a consistent enough game to lower your handicap and finally win some money on the course…

Overview: On the range, tee up the ball slightly, and use your five iron to hit the ball the distance you would normally hit your eight iron.

Why it works: This drill is not as simple as it sounds!  You will need to make a three-quarter swing with your five iron to hit it an eight iron distance. This forces you to focus on solid contact and timing. You will find very quickly that you need to have a high finish and good acceleration through the ball to hit solid shots.  This, in turn will come from a restricted backswing, not a decelerating downswing.  And this is the key point of the drill–to refocus your mind on the basics of what you are trying to accomplish with your swing.  After you have hit five solid shots in a row, try hitting a full five iron again. You will find that you have regained your consistency.

Another benefit of the drill is that it reinforces for you that you are in control of how far the ball goes, not the club, or the lie (since you teed up the ball).  In other words, this drill helps you (re)gain mastery and confidence in your ability to place the ball where you want to.  This is the feeling of control you seek on the golf course.  Believe me, it’s way more fun to play the game with this mindset than the “hit and hope” approach taken by most Occasional Golfers!

So give the five-iron backoff drill a try!  If it works for you, tell your friends!  And don’t miss the next tip, sign up for free updates below!

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