Symptom:  The dreaded “spin-out” move, losing balance on your full golf swing.  If you were to take a narrow golf stance width you would probably fall over on a full swing.

You might be swaying off the ball like a ballroom dancer, lunging at the ball with an over-the-top casting motion, or just simply swinging too hard.  This drill is great for all these common swing faults.

Description:  On the range, put your feet together — almost touching — and hit balls with your “three quarters swing” until you can hit good shots, while maintaining your balance throughout the swing and your follow through.

Rickie Fowler narrow stance warm up narrow golf stance width wide golf stance width

Rickie Fowler warms up with wedges hit from a very narrow stance.

Why it works:  By putting your feet together, you are much more prone to lose your balance during your golf swing.  You can correct for this before moving on to a wider golf stance width.

The Magic of the Narrow Golf Stance Width

In fact I’ll bet you do lose your balance for about the first five practice swings you take!  But by putting them together, you will be forced to focus on your balance and tempo and keeping your center of gravity under control.

This bit of feedback comes almost for free if you follow a solid warmup routine, where you start with your wedges first.  Your stance is naturally narrow for your wedges, requiring good balance without over-swinging.  This gets you in the right rhythm before attempting the longer irons and woods in your bag.  Rickie Fowler knows this, have a look:

You may find that keeping your feet together is quite hard to do — if so you have a swing fault or two that needs attention.  Probably you have an over-the-top swing with a casting motion (the most common swing fault) and so you should look at the throw the sticks drill or the no backswing golf swing drill to get a more underhand downswing with good lag.  Or you may be swaying off the ball on the backswing, and so you should look at fixing your sway with a starter move.  Whatever your particular swing fault, putting your feet together will magnify it for you.  Hitting golf balls with your feet together will force you to deal with your faults and (hopefully) fix them.

Once you have regained your tempo and balance with your feet together, return to hitting shots with a correct stance, with your feet about shoulder width apart.  Your feet will feel solid on the ground and your power will come from your feet and legs, where it should.  Hopefully your consistency will have returned with more power too!

Another great thing about this drill is that you can do it on the golf course.  Take a practice swing here and there with your feet together, just to remind yourself of how a solid golf swing should feel.  We all need to be reminded of this, especially when we’ve just hit a bad shot and feel our blood beginning to boil despite our best intentions.

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