Symptom:  You can’t hit a draw to save your life, and wonder how in the world people do hit a draw anyway.  Rather, you hit slices, and call in vain for the ball to “come back”.

But everybody can see it is tailing off to the right and the only way it will “come back” is by hitting a tree…

Description:  To draw the ball, or straighten out the slice, put the number of the ball at the four o’clock position (for a right-handed player, at address), and strike the ball on the number.

Why it Works:  To hit the ball on the four o’clock position, you will need to come at it from an inside path on the downswing.  This inside path is what is needed to hit a draw.  (Or make your swing more “draw-like”, which will eliminate your slice).

Draw -> Inside Path -> Four O’Clock

Draw the golf ball with the four oclock aim point

Draw the ball by taking an inside path and striking it at four o’clock.

It helps to position the ball with the number printed on the ball at four o’clock.  This gives you a very particular aiming point, as shown at right.  Or if you are using striped range balls it’s even easier. You can position the stripe from 4 o’clock to 10 o’clock to give an even stronger visual.

You can combine this tip with the two-ball drill and the throw the stick drill to reinforce the “inside path on the downswing” motion.

This is a remarkably simple tip, one that you can use on all your tee shots during your round.  You can place the ball however you want on the tee, right?  May as well make the ball number be your target and put that target at four o’clock!  Give it a try during your next round and see how it works.

Gary Woodland’s Inside Path

The sweet-swinging Gary Woodland uses this thought as one of his three keys to hitting a high draw — have a look at this video showing Woodland from behind.  Notice in particular how the clubhead travels straight back on takeaway, but inside that path on the downswing.   Have a look:

Of course, the four o’clock aim point concept works for other shots too.  Just imagine four o-clock when you can’t put your hands on the ball to position the number. “Hit the inside of the ball” is one of the better pieces of golf advice you will ever hear.

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