Golf Chipping Tip: Your Putter is Often Your Fail-Proof Best Chipping Club

By | February 21, 2020

Symptom:  You pull out your sand wedge from the fringe, thinking its your best chipping club, but the results are no good.  You seldom converting up-and-downs from just off the green.  The best golf chipping tip you’ve heard so far doesn’t seem to help.  Expletives are uttered…

Description:  If you can putt the ball, you should putt the ball.  Put away your wedge and use the putter for more consistency and better scores.

Ryo Ishikawa putting through the fringe instea of chipping best golf chipping club best golf chipping tip

Ryo Ishikawa elects to putt from the fringe instead of chip.

Why it works:  Around the green, and especially from the fringe, most Occasional Golfers will get the ball closer to the hole with their putter than a wedge.

If the ball is on the fairway in front of the green, or the fringe around the green, or anywhere where the golf ball can travel across the grass without too much impediment, PUTT IT!  It will save you strokes on the golf course.

Keep It Simple, Stupid – Sometimes the Best Chipping Club is the Putter!

After all, you can hit the ball with any club, no matter where you happen to be.  You can hit putter off the tee if you want.  Or you can hit driver on the green.  There is no rule preventing this!  Don’t think that you need to hit a wedge from around the green merely because you are close to the green.  Analyze your situation and make the right choice depending on your circumstances.  But have a bias towards using your putter unless you really can’t use your putter.

Ryo Ishikawa knows this — even though his ball is in the fringe, he knows a putt is the best percentage play since there’s not much rough to go through.  It worked out pretty well for him – have a look:

Shut Down the Well-Meaning Best Golf Chipping Tip

Often, well-meaning golf teachers and tour pros and golf commentators talk about chipping with a seven iron and such, to carry just on to the green and “get the ball rolling on the green as quickly as possible”.  This sounds reasonable, wise even, and I often hear this advice regurgitated from my playing companions.  It is a favorite go-to expression from the guys in the booth calling the golf telecast.  The pros are quite good at it, and if you are a really good player, it is good advice.  Especially when the pin is back and on a plateau, with a lot of green to work with.

However, my experience is that this doesn’t work very well unless you practice this a lot.  It is good advice for tour pros who are trying to hole out such shots.  But, you and I are not tour pros.  We are mostly worried about getting up and down, and if the ball goes in the hole, that is a bonus.

You will do better by either a) putting the ball if you possibly can, or b) chipping the ball with the club you usually use to chip with and landing the ball on your chosen spot. Again, putt the ball whenever you can!

Interestingly, young children seem to know this instinctively.  They pull out their putter from 20+ yards away.  I think they just instinctively know that’s what is easiest to pull off.  Only the “smarter” adults with more sophistication tell them to use their wedge instead, as they try to teach them the game.  But the kids know that it is tough to beat the good ol’ flat wedge.

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