Golf Swing Drill: Master the Minimalist “No Backswing Golf Swing” Like Justin Thomas

By | April 10, 2020

Symptom:  You have heard of the no backswing golf swing drill but don’t know how to do it. You wonder if using a no backswing swing could help.

You sometimes lose your balance, and your backswing goes too long or past parallel.  Your playing companions call you “Happy Feet” as your feet slip and your ball slices off to the right yet again…

Description:  On the driving range, tee up the ball or at least give yourself a perfect lie.  Take a stance like a baseball player, with your left arm parallel to the ground and the club at 90 degrees to your left arm.

Alternately, put the club shaft parallel to the ground, toe up, in perfect position. Make a small backswing from this position and then execute the golf shot.

Justin Thomas using no backswing golf swing to warm up no swing golf no backswing no backswing swing no backswing golf swing

Justin Thomas using a no backswing golf swing drill to help warm up at the driving range.

Why it works:  Many golfers have a backswing that is much too long or fast, and it robs them of both power and control.

The no backswing golf swing, by contrast, puts the club in the proper downswing position, so you can execute a solid and crisp downswing.  You may be astonished to learn what that proper position is!

The Truth is the No Backswing Golf Swing Gives You Perfect Downswing Position

Perfect downswing position is a big advantage for you.  Indeed, when you do this drill for the first time, you might actually be in the correct position to strike the golf ball for the first time in your life!

(There certainly is a lot of ways to get into the wrong position as you attack the ball on the downswing).  Once you feel the proper downswing position, you will find it easier to get back there on your full swing.

Justin Thomas shows us how to execute the no backswing swing as he warms up for this golf clinic.  He does this warmup drill several times between 0:23 and 1:10.  Have a look.

Remarkably, The No Backswing Golf Swing Gives Jaw-Dropping Distance

Justin uses the no backswing swing for warmups, but you will be amazed at how straight and far you can hit the ball with this very modest backswing.  For many golfers, this is a real eye-opener.

It makes sense, actually, because most of the power in the swing comes from the big muscles of your lower body.  The no-backswing golf swing drill forces all of your distance to come from your lower body, since the backswing arm motion is restricted.

For many occasional golfers, you will experience the proper role of the lower body in the golf swing for the first time with this drill.

Because you are bypassing the first several pieces of the golf swing (takeaway, backswing, direction change at the top, start of downswing from the top) you will find it so much easier to have solid contact with the golf ball.

You should gradually increase the length of your backswing as you do the drill, but as soon as you lose power or control, go back to the shorter backswing.

The hope is that once you realize the right downswing position from no backswing golf swing drill, you will alter your full swing to get back to this perfect position.

The power of the drill is that it teaches you how the swing should feel as you attack the ball.  In balance, in control.  Any extra “power” you think you are getting from your swing is meaningless if you are not in balance and in control.

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