Golf Putting Tip: Straight Putts Still Need a Target to Aim At

By | January 25, 2020

Symptom:  Straight, or nearly straight, putts are missed far too often.  You can often be hear muttering things like “I sure didn’t see that break,” or “Must’ve hit something,” or “Did my ball bounce?” after your straight putt leaks off to one side or the other on it’s way past the hole.

Description:  Always pick a particular piece of grass, or mark, or something, in the back of the cup to aim at.  Never just “aim at the hole”, that is too general.

Why it Works:  During your round, there are very few truly straight putts — most are inside right, left center, left edge, whatever the case may be.  Just be sure to pick a spot on the back of the hole to aim at.  The act of picking a specific target to aim at decouples the act of reading the putt with the act of striking the putt.  You should not be reading the putt, or even thinking about the read, as you hit the putt.  Instead focus on making a good stroke with proper pace and listening for the ball to drop on each and every putt.

After all, a putt with a lot of break demands that you pick a target to aim at.  Don’t alter this routine just because you (fortunately) have a straight putt!  Pick a target for those too!  You will stay in your routine and rhythm, and get to write down lower numbers on your scorecard!

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